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I confess that I have had this dream for a couple of years now, to be able to honour your orders and to contribute to your endeavour in taking steps towards your healing. Since now, lacking the necessary means – financial, science and knowledge to build such a platform, I have just been dreaming… but this dream came true.

My biggest wish has been to register the AMEC Teas to EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and to have this instrument to stay in contact with you.

All Teas contain medicinal herbs, 100% natural, with quality and conformity certificate, coming from authorized suppliers and croppers.

Placing these Teas on the open market, through this website, subscribes to all legal regulations and has all legal and necessary authorizations.

My story

I am an engineer in the field of agronomy and I have worked more than 40 years in the microbiology, as lab assistant, studying medicinal herbs and their properties.

This hunger for knowledge was the result of my Lupus diagnosis and the 6 months to live that the doctors gave me at that time.

I was diagnosed with Erythematous Lupus, in 1984, and the disease did not allow me to continue my job as lab assistant, profession in which I was working since before becoming an engineer. For 6 years I followed a well-known pill treatment, but the diseases kept on advancing.

I felt hopeless when reading about my disease and realizing that it had no cure, I did consider back then that I was the only person with this diagnostic and that no one could help me. I started to research, by putting away all there was written about this disease (collagen illness), and tried to approach it though a different angle – the one of natural products based therapy.

Since the beginning of times, people have had conditions, have even suffered of collagen diseases, people who reached out to what nature was providing, lacking the current medicines.

The health condition is born and it represents no more than a natural order of things, therefore only nature can balance and control it.

A series of happenings helped me heal. I saw in the window of a drug store a book about medicinal herbs and natural therapy, all dusty, which no one from the drug store had remembered of. I chose from this book herbs that have therapeutic effects and then I harvest them in order to start the therapy. Still, I was quite undecided about how to start and with which ones. I found the answer, when my two little daughters, while trying to help me, have mixed the herb and placed them in three different bags. I started the treatment with the three blends, believing it was it! Just one day before that, I had read the following statement in a story book about angel: “I will send you two angels and what they will show you, you shall do!”. My two daughters were my two angels and the herb mixture represent the fundamentals of the treatment, not every herb taken separately

My health condition started to improve, the articular and muscular aches ceased and after only 8 months, I had the first toxins release through a skin rash. 5 more followed, in different time sets, but smaller and smaller and easier to bear. In 1991, all my symptoms disappeared and ever since I consider myself a healed man.

So at that moment, I asked myself the following questions:

  • why did my organism allowed the disease to kick in?

  • how did I help my organism and my immune system to remove the disease (it was an autoimmune disease)?

  • are there any other options to work on healthiness, other than chemical drugs?

There was something that made me direct my research for causes in the endocrinology field: my former bio-chemistry professor from college – Ion Brad – had proven that the Torino shroud, which belonged to Jesus Christ, was authentic. It is real and clear that Jesus Christ had suffered physically, but the hardest suffering was the one of the soul. In such states, of negative pressure, the human body releases toxins which, in time, oxidize in contact with air and change into different colours. One parent, who’s child was in phyto-therapeutic treatment, explained that the shape of the baby could be seen on the just-washed bed sheets, hang for drying.

What did happen in fact? Through sweating, the baby released a huge amount of toxins, which soaked the textile fibre. Though washing, there was contact with detergent and air, and an oxidizing process happened, turning the toxins into brown-reddish colour, which, under sun light, looked at through a specific angle, through sun shine refraction, revealed the shape of the baby.

This is how I started to study collagenases and gave them a new definition.

Another question I had raised is why specific antibodies appear during the disease?

The answer occurred to me randomly, when I found in a magazine, one forgotten by someone on a bench, opened at an article regarding the lysosomal crisis and cell hunger. There was one more issues left – the rashes. Also from a magazine, I found a page, which was used as a book mark for quite some time in a photo album with healed people. On this page, I found images of body organs placed on the body shape, used by acupuncturists. Opening once again the album and looking at the sketches and photos, I realized that the rashes did not represent any other than the internal organs, affected by disease.

The last question I had to answer to was using corticoids. The answer came, again, randomly – although nothing happens randomly – when, while reading an endocrinology treaty, on the thyroid chapter, said: “for patients suffering of thyroid dysfunction, known to lose thyroid hormones, Prednisone must be administered in order to prevent from losing further.”.

I imagined the human body as a complex, shaped like concentric circles of forces, with strong energies on the inside and less intense on the outside (following the atomic model or the Saturn rings). The disease appears in the centre (nucleus) and as it advances, becoming chronic and the body retreats, fighting, towards external layers with less energetic pulse, while the disease is becoming more and more dramatic.

In order to stimulate an organism to fight disease, we must introduce an amount of energy (quanta) which corresponds to the one produced by the body during stress, in order to free the blocked energetic flows.

The treatment actually consists of a quantic jump - new forms of energy which feed the energetic layers from the outside towards the inside, where the organism is able to fight the disease.

In all this research, in addition to study, intuition and chance, there was God who guided me.

I consider my mission completed and I am providing to people who are suffering of collagen the conclusions I have reached. From now on, it’s their turn…

These diseases occur as a result of toxins arising in the digestive system through fermentation and putrefaction of immature or incomplete metabolic products. These toxins pass in the blood and are taken over, for elimination, by the energetic channels, through: kidneys, liver or the toxins’ producing organs. These will eliminate them through their energetic projection areas.

When the kidneys eliminate toxins, the rashes would appear on joints, hands and legs.

When the liver eliminates toxins, rashes would appear on the face, chest, abdomen, the inside of arms and legs.

When the large intestine eliminates toxins, rashes would appear on the back side of the body (shoulder blade, buttocks) and the outside of arms and legs.

Skin rashes do not represent the disease itself, but the reaction.

The treatment consists of approaching the causes that feeds the disease, by treating the affected internal organs, not the skin.

The treatment consists of teas, tinctures, creams, herb baths.

I have firstly tested the AMEC Teas on me and it was a success, a clear and visible one.

Today, after so many years of experience, I continue the search with the same eagerness for knowledge and the same wish for helping people. Shortly, I will be able to help people who are suffering from other three diseases, with three more recipes, which are currently in a testing process.

In order to contact me, please send me your questions through the following form:

The AMEC Herb Teas Team is and will always be by your side, ready to help, to provide useful information regarding our products. We wish to help as many people as possible to heal from these diseases, considered incurable by some. Me and those of you who have healed, we strongly trust in these Teas and in this alternative therapy, which is thousands of year old.

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